How to Program LMI Roytronic Excel for Pulse Divide Mode

Programming LMI control code nine pumps for pulse divide mode. The pulse divide function allows input pulses from an external source to be used to pace your LM I pump. Our example for this exercise will demonstrate pulse divide mode with a divider count of five. The maximum divider number is 9999.

Note: be sure your external input cable is not connected to the pump during programming. Before proceeding make sure the pump is plugged into a properly grounded power source and that the pump is off. Verify the pump is off by noting that the power LED light on the lower left side of the control panel is off.

Begin programming by pressing the mode key. The control mode symbols will appear on the graphical display. Using the down key, navigate through the control modes and select the divide mode symbol. Press the power key. The divide mode screen will appear.

Use the up key to change the divider number under the “n”. For this example set the number to 5. Press the power key to activate the divide mode. The yellow external LED will illuminate, indicating the pump is ready to receive a Pal signal from an external source. The graphical display shows a divider number of 5. The pump is now programmed to divide mode. Attach the input cable to the 5 pin connector

Attach the input cable to the five pin connector, your blue and white wires are your pulse input source. In this example illustration the blue and white wires would be connected to an external source such as a flow meter. As water flow increases, the flow meter pulse output increases. With the pump divider number already programmed to five, the pump will stroke one time for every five pulses received from the flow meter.