Programming LMI Control Code 9 Pumps

The FM Roy 9 digi pulse monitor is designed to monitor flow from your LMI pump. The FM Roy 9 flow monitor comes with a four pin connector for interfacing with your control code nine pump.

The flow monitor delivers a pulse signal to the pump for each successful pump stroke registered. If the flow stops or lessens, the pulse output will cease, causing the pump to stop and activate the alarm output.

Before proceeding, make sure the pump is plugged into a properly grounded power source and that the pump is off. Verify the pump is off by noting that the power LED light on the lower left side of the control panel is off.

To activate flow monitoring in the pump programming, install the flow monitor on the discharge side of the pump head. Connect the cable to the pump.

To enable flow monitoring in the programming, press the mode key. Navigate using the down key to advance setup.

And then press the power key.

Using the down key navigate to the flow monitoring symbol.

Press the power key. Press the power key again. Flow monitoring is checked in the display. Now press the down key to select the missing pulse display. Then press the power key. Use the up key or down key to set the number of missing pulses.

In this example 20, then press the power key. The missing pulse number can be set up to 255. Press the mode key twice to exit the advanced setup.

Using the up key, navigate to the previously selected manual mode and then press the power key. The flow monitoring symbol will appear next to the selected mode on the display.

Programming is now complete.

To start the pump, press the power key. When the flow is detected by the flow monitor, the LED will alternate between green and yellow.

If the signal from the flow monitor is not detected by the pump and the missing pulse count is reached in this example 20 strokes, then the pump will stop and an alarm output will be activated.