Myron L PTBT1 Ultrapen Quick Reference Guide


  1. Turn on ULTRAPEN App: Tap ULTRAPEN icon on mobile device’s home screen.
  2. Turn on PTBT1: Press and release push button on pen.
  3. LED flashes rapidly: Dip pen in sample solution so cell is totally submerged.
  4. LED flashes slowly: Swirl pen to remove bubbles, keep cell submerged. Avoid contact with sides/bottom of container,.
  5. LED turns solid ON then turns OFF: Measurement is complete and reading is displayed.

Feature Navigation Bar

Quick Reference GuideThis button always returns the App to the Measurement Screen.

This button displays a list of saved measurements.

This button places the App in Calibration mode.

This button opens the App’s Bluetooth Connect / Disconnect screen.

This button opens the App’s preferences and settings mode.

An internet link to full Operations Manual (Help button) is found here.