Myron L PTBT1 Mobile App and Pen Features


  1. Myron L PTBT1 Operation
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    Push Button – turns PTBT1 on; enters calibration mode, activates preference menus.

  2. Battery Cap – provides access to battery for replacement.
  3. Pocket Clip – holds pen to shirt pocket for secure storage.
  4. Wireless Transceiver Window – Bluetooth antenna is located here.
  5. LED Indicator Light – Tells the user when to dip & swirl PTBT1 during measurements and calibration. Indicates PTBT1 is in Configuration mode.
  6. Cap Stop – Shows how far to push the protective cap when putting it on the PTBT1. push Protective Cap (not shown) past this point.
  7. Electrodes – measure electric current of solution.
  8. Cell – contains flux field in defined area for accurate current measurement.
  9. Scoop – used to hold sample solution when dipping is not possible. To install, push the scoop onto the cell while shifting side-to-side. To remove, pull the scoop off while shifting side-to-side. To use, hold the scoop directly under a vertical stream during measurement, avoiding bubbles.

*Not shown: Lanyard, Holster and Protective Cap for Cell.


Downloading the Mobile Device App

  1. Go to the Apple App Store.
  2. Search for the “ULTRAPEN PTBTx” iPhone App.
  3. Open the ULTRAPEN page and tap the Install button.
  4. Be sure to read the End User License Agreement (EULA) and the Data Use Liability Agreement (DULA).

Opening the ULTRAPEN App

  1. Tap ULTRAPEN App icon on the mobile device’s HOME screen.
  2. The App’s main Measurement screen will appear. NOTE: Apple iOS devices: Activate SIRI and say, “ULTRAPEN.”


  1. Mobile App PTBT1
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    Mobile Device Status Bar – standard Status Bar for your mobile device.

  2. Measurement Value Field – displays the measured value of the solution. When the ULTRAPEN turns off, displays the message, “ULTRAPEN is Offline” and values gray out.
  3. Units of Measure – displays correct units for chosen Measurement Mode.
  4. ULTRAPEN Battery Level – flashes RED when ULTRAPEN battery is ≤ 25%.
  5. Solution Temperature – measured temperature of the solution.
  6. Memory Store Button – tap here to record the measurement in the App’s database.
  7. Memory Replace Button – tap here to replace a previously stored measurement with data from a new measurement.
  8. Feature Navigation Bar – these buttons activate various App features.

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