Myron L PTBT1 Ultrapen Measurement Settings


The PTBT1 allows you to select from several preprogrammed measurement modes. The following table lists the available modes with their corresponding parameters, temperature compensation and solution models as well as units of measure:

Solution Mode Settings
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  1. Operating Instructions UltrapenInside the App tap the Preferences button on the Feature Navigation Bar.
  2. Select ULTRAPEN Settings from the list of settings topics.
  3. Push and release the button on the PTBT1 to turn it ON.
  4. When the PTBT1 LED begins to flash, The App will display, “Press and hold the button on the ULTRAPEN to enter Preferences”.
  5. Press and hold the PTBT1’s push button.
  6. When the LED goes to solid ON the ULTRAPEN Settings screen will appear.
  7. Select Solution Mode from the ULTRAPEN Settings screen. The Solutions screen will appear.
  8. Tap the Solution Name field on the Solutions screen.
  9. Swipe up and down the list of available modes and tap the choice you wish to select.
  10. Tap the Apply button next to the list of Solution Modes.


The PTBT1 allows you to select either Centigrade (°C) or Farenheit (°F) when displaying temperature on the iOS screens. To select the Temperature Units:

  1. Temperature ButtonInside the App tap the Preferences button on the Feature Navigation Bar.
  2. Select Application Preferences from the list of settings topics.
  3. Slide the Temperature Units switch left or right to display temperature values as either °C or °F.


Before you take a reading, make sure the pen is clean, calibrated, in the appropriate measurement mode and connected to the App. The sample solution must also be within the specified measurement range. Keep all foreign material away from the sample to avoid contamination.

NOTE: If you cannot dip the pen in the sample solution, pour the sample into a clean container. If you don’t have a sample container and need to test a vertical stream of solution, use the scoop. The following table explains the LED Indicator signals and typical durations.

Measurement Instructions
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CAUTION: To measure solution at the extremes of the specified temperature range, allow the pen to equilibrate by submerging the cell in the sample solution for 1 minute prior to taking a measurement.

  1. PTBT1 UltrapenRinse the cell by swirling it in fresh solution sample.
  2. Open the ULTRAPEN App. If it does not open to the Measurement screen, tap the Measurement button in the Feature Navigation Bar. The Measurement screen will say, “Paired ULTRAPEN is Offline”.
  3. Grasp the pen near the pen cap to avoid sample contamination.
  4. Remove pen from the rinse solution.
  5. Press and release the PTBT1’s push button to turn it ON.
  6. When the LED flashes rapidly, IMMEDIATELY dip the pen in the sample solution so that the cell is completely submerged. (If you do not submerge the cell in solution before the flashing slows, allow the pen to power off and retake the reading).
  7. The App screen will display “Measuring …”
  8. When the LED flashes slowly, swirl the pen to remove bubbles, keeping the cell submerged and preferably at least 1 inch (2½ cm) away from sides/bottom of container.
  9. When the LED turns Solid ON, the App display will show the measurement and temperature. Remove the pen from solution and rinse it in clean water.
  10. The ULTRAPEN will turn OFF once the measurement is completed.


  1. Chemical Pumps US PTBT1Once a measurement is finished, tap the MS button (Memory Store).
  2. The App screen will display the measurement as an unsaved record.
  3. Tap the Save button in the upper right corner of the record display.
  4. The record will be saved and the App will return to the Measurement screen.
  5. Ultrapen Chemical Pumps USTap the MR button (Memory Recall) in the Feature Navigation Bar to display a list of stored records.
  6. Swipe up and down to scroll through stored records. Tap any record on the list to see view it’s details.

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