Myron L PTBT1 Ultrapen Maintenance and Specifications


Myron L Ultrapen
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Battery Replacement The PTBT1 App display has an indicator that depicts the pen battery’s charge level. When the charge level falls below 25%, the indicator will flash red. imediately replace the battery with a new N type battery.

  1. In a CLEAN DRY place unscrew the pen cap in a counter-clockwise direction.
  2. Slide the cap and battery housing out of the pen.
  3. Remove the depleted battery from its housing.
  4. Insert a new battery into the battery housing oriented with the negative end touching the spring.
  5. Align the groove along the battery housing with the guide bump inside the pen case and slide the battery housing back in.
  6. Screw the pen cap back on in a clockwise direction. …  Do not over tighten.


  1. Always rinse the cell and electrodes with clean water after each use.
  2. If the electrodes develop scaling or become dirty, clean the cell by submerging the probe end in a 1:1 solution of Lime-A-Way® and water for 5 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  3. Do not drop, throw or otherwise strike the pen. This voids the warranty.
  4. Do not store the pen in a location where the ambient temperatures exceed its specified Operating/Storage Temperature limits.


Ultrapen Settings
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