Myron L PTBT1 Bluetooth Connectivity


Connecting the ULTRAPEN to the Mobile Device To pair and connect the PTBT1 to your mobile device:Connect Blutooth

  1. Inside the App tap the Connect button in the Feature Navigation Bar.
  2. Push and release the button on the PTBT1 to turn unit ON.
  3. When the PTBT1’s name appears on the Connect Screen, select that line.
  4. A checkmark will appear next to PTBT1’s name. NOTE: The default name for all PTBT1’s is, “MLC-PTBTx”. To edit the name, Tap the Preferences button and go to ULTRAPEN Settings section. See the PTBTx Operations Manual for full instructiions.


To unpair from a PTBT1:Unpair Bluetooth

  1. Tap the red Unpair button next to the PTBT1’s name.
  2. An Unpair Instrument dialogue box will appear.
  3. Tap the Disconnect button in the dialogue box.