Operating the DC4500 Controller

The Conductivity Read Screen or System Run:

dc4500 controller display

The normal operating display for the DC4500 Series Controller is the conductivity reading screen as (shown above). This screen is referred to as “System Run” throughout this manual. The screen will alternate between the conductivity reading and the day and time display. The controller relay outputs cannot be activated unless the unit is in the “System Run” or conductivity reading mode. The only exception is when the unit is in the test mode.

After reviewing or changing the conductivity controller programming setpoints, the unit must be returned to the “System Run” or conductivity reading screen to allow automatic control to proceed. There are three ways to return to the “System Run” screen and mode:

  1. Use the Controller Up Key or Controller Down Key keys to move through the various menus, and back to the “System Run” screen.
  2. Push ANY two (2) keys simultaneously. This will return the unit immediately to the “System Run” screen.
  3. The unit will return to the “System Run” screen automatically after three (3) minutes if no keys are pressed.

Menu Overview