Mounting the DC4500 Controller Enclosure

The DC4500 conductivity controller is supplied with integral wall-mounting flanges.  It should be mounted with the display at eye level on a vibration free surface.  All accessible  mounting holes should be utilized.  The maximum allowable temperature is 122° F [50° C].  This should be considered if installation is in a high temperature location.

Once the DC4500 is wall mounted, the metering pumps may be located at any distance from the controller.  The conductivity probe should be placed as close to the controller as possible, to a maximum distance of 300 ft [91 m].

Under 25 ft [7.6 m] is recommended.  Over 25 ft [7.6 m], the cable may need to be isolated or shielded from background electrical noise.

2.2 Enclosure Mounting Dimensions