LMI Roytronic Series A Pump Installation

Pump Location and Installation

Locate pump in an area convenient to solution tank and electrical supply.

The pump should be accessible for routine maintenance, and should not be operated in ambient temperatures above 113°F (45°C). If the pump will be exposed to direct sunlight, LMI black, UV resistant tubing should be installed.

This pump is cord connected and not intended for permanent mounting to a building. However, temporary mounting to stabilize the pump during operation may be necessary as long as tools are not required for the installation or removal of the pump.

Pump Mounting

The pump can be mounted in one of two ways:

A.  FLOODED SUCTION (ideal installation); or

B.  SUCTION LIFT – when suction lift is less than 5 feet (1.5 m) for solutions having a specific gravity of water or viscosity of less than 100 cSt (centistokes). For denser or more viscous solutions, consult distributor.

Note that suction conditions can affect the performance of the pump. This effect is more pronounced with lower pressure pumps. Consult your distributor for additional information.

Your LMI metering pump must be mounted so that the suction and discharge valves are vertical. NEVER position pump head and fittings horizontally. 

Flooded Suction

Precautions Pump OperationFor flooded suction the pump is mounted at the base of the storage tank. This installation is the most trouble-free, and is recommended for very low outputs, solutions that gasify, and high-viscosity solutions. Since the suction tubing is filled with solution, priming is accomplished quickly and the chance of losing prime is reduced. A foot valve is not necessary in a flooded suction installation.

When pumping downhill or into low or no pressure system, a back pressure/anti-syphon device should be installed to prevent overpumping or syphoning.

Although popular for all solutions, LMI recommends flooded suction installations for all high-viscosity fluid applications.

Roytronic operation LMI Pump Operation

Suction Lift – Wall Bracket Mount

The pump may be mounted using an LMI Wall Mount Bracket  Assembly (part no. 34643) directly above the solution tank. A pump mounted in this manner allows for easy changing of solution tanks or drums.

Suction Lift – Tank Mount

The pump may be mounted on a molded tank provided there is a recess to keep the pump stationary. LMI 10-gallon tank (part no. 27421), 35-gallon tank (part no. 27400), and 50-gallon tank (part no. 26350) have molded recesses for pump mounting.

Suction Lift – Shelf Mount

The pump may be mounted on a shelf (customer supplied) maintaining a suction lift of less than 5 ft (1.5 m). An LMI mounting kit (part number 10461) is available for securing the pump to a shelf.LMI Instructions

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