DC4500 Controller Conductivity

Screen Display dc4500

Conductivity Reading Screen

The “CONDUCTIVITY” screen displays the conductivity readings in either µSiemens or PPM/TDS (parts per million/total dissolved solids). When the controller is displaying this screen it is considered to be in the SYSTEM RUN mode. This means that the pumps, solenoids, and alarm outputs will be activated based on the controller’s programmed set points. When the controller is in any other display screen all the outputs are disabled and will not be energized.

From Conductivity Screen….press Enter….to access Calibration From

Pressing the “ENTER” key when the “CONDUCTIVITY” screen is displayed accesses the calibration mode. From this “CALIBRATION” screen the “UP” or “DOWN” keys can be pressed to change the conductivity reading and adjust for inaccuracies. If calibration adjustment is attempted beyond 50% of the probe conductivity reading, the controller will flash a warning on the screen: “CALIBRATION LIMIT”. This alerts the operator that the probe needs to be serviced.