Liquitron DC4500 Feed Settings

DC4500 Controller Feed

Controller Menu Item

Feed Pump Screen

The “FEED” screen displays the current Inhibitor Feed Pump mode selected. There are four different FEED modes that may be selected from. The current active mode is displayed in parenthesis. The four possible modes to select from are:

LMI Controler Menu Instructions

Pressing the “ENTER” key from the main menu screen “FEED” ( Mode ) accesses the FEED sub-menu selections. Use the “UP” or “DOWN” key to scroll through the four different modes.

LMI Controller DC4500
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When the mode desired is displayed on the screen press “ENTER” to access the particular settings for that mode. The variables and settings that are available for each option are shown above.   Use the “UP” or “DOWN” key to change the settings and press “ENTER” to save that setting.

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