DC4500 Troubleshooting

Disconnect power to the controller before opening the front panel! Troubleshooting and repair of a malfunctioning controller should only be attempted by qualified personnel using caution to insure safety and to limit unnecessary further damage.  Contact your local LMI distributor or the factory for assistance

Problem Possible Cause Solution
No Power Light Blown main fuse Test with multimeter / replace if required
No power supplied Check power source
Loose/incorrect wiring Verify wiring connections
No Pump Power Alarm State/No Flow Exists Check flow switch : ‘Alarm Light On’ below
Incorrect wiring to pump Check wiring by using Relay Test program
Pump has failed Plug pump directly into live outlet
Incorrect pump settings Check programmed settings and modes
No Valve Power Flow switch off Check flow switch and wiring
Incorrect wiring to valve Check wiring by using Relay Test program
Valve has failed Test per manufacturers instructions
Incorrect Blowdown setpoint Verify setpoint and rising/falling trip selection
Low Conductivity Bypass valve open Verify valve alignment
Airbound probe Change probe location
Solenoid valve stuck open Repair or replace
Sensor disconnected Check and verify sensor
Faulty cable or connector Replace as required
High Conductivity Probe is fouled or dirty Clean as required – recalibrate
Solenoid valve stuck shut Repair or replace
Erratic Conductivity Unit out of calibration Recalibrate
Unit will not calibrate Out of range limits – Use Conductivity Test switch
Stagnant sample Check system for proper flow
Reading is stuck on one value Verify test switch is in Run mode not Test mode
Faulty pc board Consult factory
Alarm Light On Alarm Condition Exists Verify high conductivity set point
Verify low conductivity set point
Low chemical tank level (when wired)
Alarm & BIO LEDs On Biocides pump at same time Check programmed settings and modes
Ensure prebleed and lockout do not conflict
No Flow Light On No Flow circuit energized Check wiring from flow switch to terminals
Verify flow switch is moving freely
Verify flow is present in manifold line

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