DC4500 Manual Outputs Operation

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Programming DC4500

Manually Energize Relay Outputs

The “MANUAL OUTPUTS” mode is provided to allow for manual energizing of each relay output. Once the external devices have been connected, they may be individually or collectively energized and tested. Testing of all these components is recommended after system installation and prior to system start up. Press “ENTER” to access these sub-menu screens. Press the “UP” or “DOWN” key to move to each relay control screen. Press “ENTER” from each relay output screen to energize that output relay. Press “ENTER” a second time to de-energize that relay. One or all of the relays may be energized in this manner. The output relays will be de-energized if:

  1. No Keys are pressed for 3 minutes and the controller returns to the “system run” screen.
  2. The operator manually de-energizes each relay output.
  3. The operator manually exits the “MANUAL OUTPUT” sub-menu screens
Manual Outputs Instructions
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