DC4500 Maintenance Controller and Probe


The DC4500 controller itself requires very little maintenance. Wiping the controller down with a damp cloth will clean it. Do not spray down the controller unless the enclosure door is closed and latched.


The controller must be re-calibrated after cleaning the probe

Cleaning Procedure

The probe can normally be cleaned using a cloth or paper towel and a mild cleaning solution such as 409 cleanser. Occasionally, a probe may become coated with various substances which require a more vigorous cleaning procedure.  Usually the coating will be visible, but not always.  To clean a coated probe, use a fine grit abrasive, such as emery paper.  Lay the paper on a flat surface and move the probe in a back and forth motion as shown in Figure 7. The probe should be cleaned parallel to the carbon electrodes, NOT perpendicular.

Controller Set up


The probe should periodically be cleaned to maintain accurate measurements. The frequency of cleaning required will vary from application to application. In a new installation, it is recommended that the probe be cleaned after two (2) weeks of service. In order to determine the frequency of cleaning, use the following procedure.

  1. Read and record the conductivity with probe in system.
  2. Remove the probe, clean it, and place it back into the system.
  3. Read the conductivity of the probe after it is cleaned and record it.

Compare the first conductivity with the second. If the variance in readings is greater than 5%, increase the frequency of probe cleaning. If there is less than a 5% change in the reading, the probe was not dirty and can be cleaned less often.

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