DC4500 LMI Controller Product Specifications

Power Requirements 115 VAC +/-15%, 50/60 Hz
230 VAC +/-15%, 50/60 Hz
Voltage input selectable via a selector switch located on the I/O PCB. Fuse: 4A 250 VAC Time Delay
Inputs Flow Switch. All low voltage inputs active low, i.e. the active state is when the switch is closed. The switch must be capable of switching 2 mA at +/-15 VDC.
Outputs Pulse Pump A and B, Auxiliary, Alarm
All low voltage outputs capable of switching 2 mA at = 24 VDC. The pulse output frequency range is 0-100 SPM. The pulse output is active low. The pulse width is 100 milliseconds in the active low state.
The output type is an opto-isolated NPN transistor open collector configuration. 4-20 mA: 600 ohms maximum
Keypad Three key membrane keypad with tactile response. Material: Polyester with a hard coat finish. Actuation Force: 2.6N to 3.3N.
Temperature Input Thermistor resistance 10k Ohms at 77° F [25° C] Circuit Accuracy: +/- 33° F [+/-0.5° C] Temperature Display: 32° F to 212° F [0° C to 100° C] Temperature resolution: +/- 1.8° F [+/- 1° C]
Probe Input Cell constant of 1.5 ESD Protection: 700 Volts Three (3) sample readings / second : display updated every second
Relays Fuse protected electromechanical. Control Relay (1): 250 VAC, 10amp contact relay Feed Relay (1): 250 VAC, 10amp contact relay Biocide Relay (2): 250 VAC, 10amp contact relay Contact type: Normally open and normally closed contacts (FORM C) Change over relay.
LCD Display 16-Digit Liquid Crystal Display [LCD] with green backlighting
Operating Temperature 32° F to 122° F [0° C to 50° C]
Environmental Printed pc boards conformally coated.
Enclosure: IEC IP65, NEMA 4X – Door closed. IEC IP NEMA – 12X Door open
Mechanical Two (2) pc boards [three (3) if communication option installed]. Control CPU board: microcontroller and display – low voltage. Terminal power I/O board: transformer, fuses, terminal blocks, relays. Option board: 4-20 mA output – low voltage.

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