DC4500 Biocide Prebleed Instructions

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Biocide Prebleed Screen

The Biocide pump “PREBLEED” option is available in order to bleed down the cooling tower to below conductivity limits prior to biocide chemical addition. This option is pragrammable in one of two modes. The prebleed may be selected for either a programmed amount of time or a conductivity set point. If the time option is selected,  then the cooling tower will be bled down for that programmed amount of time prior to the biocide pump “on” time. If the conductivity set point is selected, then the cooling tower will be bled down to this set point prior to the biocide chemical addition. This set point prebleed starts at the programmed biocide pump “on” time. The biocide pump will come on after this conductivity point has been reached.

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