DC4500 Advanced Setup Instructions

DC4500 List Options

DC4500 Menu Screen

The “ADVANCED SETUP” screens allow for the special configuring of the controller for advanced options. These options include:

  • FLOW ALARM (energizing the alarm output relay on loss of flow);
  • FLOW SENSE (under FLOW ALARM the response of the flow switch may be changed from either normally open or normally closed logic);
  • TRIP (bleed based on either rising or falling conductivity trip point);
  • 4 – 20 mA recorder output programming, conductivity units DISPLAY may be either µSiemens or PPM/TDS;
  • PULSE OUTPUT (strokes per minute programming control of each individual pump);
  • FEED LOCKOUT (prevents feed pump from operating during biocide addition);
  • BLEED control (continuous or timed);
LMI Controller Operations Manual
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